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Plus ca change...

God damn it - isn't it about time we let the sunshine back in? It's cold and wet outside. But hell mend us; we're warming things up! Seat belts on and prepare for take off. As part of this C&J 'entire ground floor' project we remastered the living room with a few key - and very simple - steps. Our clients asked for vivid colour to replace their previously morbid scheme. Creating a chimney breast to house an electric hearth (supervised by an electrician to satisfy safety issues) marked our initial kick off. Adding features adds value, huh? You'd better believe it. Painting out the dead flesh coloured walls was an obvious next step and using vivid, warming, sunny yellow was our modus operandi. Pop spex at the ready. How are your retinas doing? Panelling to approx' half height added visual depth while fresh new furniture and blue accents brought the scene further alive. BTW - we made the coffee table from MDF which we wallpapered and topped with glass. All in a day's work. Little wonder, then, our colour loving clients wept sweet tears of relief - while muttering 'alchemy' - as we opened the door and showed them their new space...

Colin and Justin, Style Warriors xx


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