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Morning anges! We\'re back!

Business as usual? We certainly hope so. Excuse our tardy updates and ill ease these last few days. We've been feeling like crap with the lid off. Whatever that means. Heard someone esposue the axiom last week and we've been using it ever since. And yes. We know. It's not very lady like...
Feeling loads better today though gonna take it all rather slowly. So. Prepare for r...amping facebook and twitter updates as per our previous measure. Cheers for sticking around these last few days when we've been a little meek and mild. It's SO not like us...
But as we said; full service resumes now. Here's a little UZZA for the time being. Just a wee one if you don't mind. It can be tiring to manufacture a grand version. Maybe we'll be strong enough to amplify the UZZAA quotient as the day goes buy. We'll see.
But for now go safely. Be happy. Let winning smiles creep once again across your faces. For life can be good...
Colin and Justin xx


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