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Kick that dirty weed in the butt!

Troops - this week it's one whole year since I stopped smoking. I'm totally thrilled to have kicked the habit! My fitness level has sky rocketed, my skin is clearer and I enjoy the fact I'm no longer reliant on a heavily taxed and legalised drug to get me through the day. In a welcome twist, my body fat has dropped by 11% due to my increased awareness of health and my new simple excercise routine since stopping. For me, cigs are an unwelcome part of my past. Anyway - I'm not posting this for praise, or for you guys to say 'well done', but I thought that if I reminded some of you guys (the one's who'd also like to kick the habit) that I've been successful, then it might inspire you to give it a go. If I can be of ANY help to any of you via advice or tips, then please drop me a wee note on here and I'll do my best to respond. Happy to help! Justin xx


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