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Valentine\'s Day project.

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, 2013, we promise that our designer epistles (in print or on line) shall NOT insist you repaint your home deep, hedonistic red to proffer ‘that sexy romantic vibe’. So take note; any counsel that suggests you flex... the roller or brandish your brush should be taken with a pinch of salt. 
Romantic flourish is one thing, but, for the love of God, restrict your Valentine’s Day styling to a few tweaks or accents. Or forever live with the aftermath. This in mind, here’s a wee project that most folk will be able to manage at their kitchen table. All you’ll need are a dozen wine corks (pulled, with gusto, from a beautiful red; anything unfiltered from the Norton vineyard in Argentina would be ideal), some stiff card mount and a splodge of artists glue.  

Using a Stanley knife, carefully cut the corks into discs and fix to a piece of card using the splodgy glue. Attach a hook to the rear and hang on a suitable wall. TIP - don’t attempt this project having drunk the wine from which the corks were pulled. Stanley knives and unsteady fingers do NOT mix. And nobody cares for a digital blood bath… 
Colin and Justin, Style Warriors xx


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