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Thomas Cook onwards and upwards?

CONGRATULATIONS Thomas Cook. We LOVE a success story. You may remember that, some time past, we recommended this share as a 'Colin and Justin One To Watch'. Back then, at 11pence, it seemed like a good punt. Today, 400% GAIN later, it's surprised even us. But REMEMBER; share prices can go up as well as down. And we have NO proffessional qualification to guide. We simply liked the company and hoped (against all the odds) that TC employees jobs could be saved. In a market where employment is rife we are thrilled for those who have worked so hard to resurrect Thomas Cook. Asked for a further update we can only say; 'Who knows?' But at least, in the meantime, a sector of the travel industry that might have been out of work still has its income. Thank God for that. 

Colin and Justin xx 

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