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Just back from Toronto and already into work mode...

Been crazy busy in Toronto but we busted our asses, nevertheless, onto a plane and flew the pond last night from Toronto to Glasgow. Yay!  Got in this morning about 9am and grabbed a couple of hours kip to re energise.  That's all it takes us.  We're machines.  Sometimes...

When our alarm clock (a retro lovely from 1975) screamed to life we jumped from our slumbers and grabbed a shower before heading to Homesense to collect a pile of Chritsmas baubles, bangles and beads for tomorrow's shoot with The Sunday Mail, Scotland's biggest selling Sunday newspaper.  It'll appear on December 9th so look out; we've used our own living room fireplace as a back drop...

Tomorrow we have the actual shoot and then we have to work at our drawing boards on a living / dining room scheme that we're assembbling for a client in New York.  Even though we're on the other side of the pond for three weeks we'll get it sorted and book our contractors in jing time!  Never miss a deadline - that's our stock in trade.

After that we have a project in Chelsea, London, to consider.  We've already done the client's bedroom and bathroom and are now turning our attantions to the kitchen and hallway.  It's a fun project for a particularly demanding client.  But hey; that's just how we like it.  There's nothing better than a demanding paymaster - they keep us on our toes...

Getting great feedback from our peeps about our product range which has landed in Canada and is now trickling into America.  You can find our collection in stores like Winners, Marshalls, Home Goods, TK Maxx and TJ Maxx.  Mixing  high design, affordability and quality in equal measure is critical for us.  Check in store for lamps, rugs, ceramics, serve wares, crockery, bar top accessories, chairs and much much more.  Stick with us to stay ahead of the pack...and on good terms with your bank manager, lol! 

Gotta dash for the moment.  Our bar cart is straining under the weight of heavy bottles and we need to lighten its load.  Martinis here we come.  Hic!

Cheers angels,

C and J xx


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