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Chaps and chapesses - if you'd like to view some of our international product line, check out our website and click 'product'.   We've added a link below.  We've posted shots of a few items but, as yet, only around 10% of our range has arrived. Which means LOADS more C&J products will arrive in store in the next few weeks! Art works, sofas, chairs, tables, crockery, glass wares, vases - the list goes on. Approximately 143 different items and that's just for now. You'll find us, globally, in small independent retailers, as well as in Homesense, Winners, TK Maxx, TJ Maxx Marshalls, Home Goods and several other similar great value stores. Our mantra, on and off screen, is always 'great value combined with great quality ' so that's why we chose stores such as these to showcase our range. There is NO need for a vase to cost a fortune and NO need for linens to break the bank. NO need for a chair to terrify your bank manager and NO need for a serving bowl to cause financial meltdown. FACT! We know - we understand costings and we know about mark ups. That's why being realistic with price points is good for you and us. End of. Hope you enjoy our collection as it arrives. Let us know what you like and please feel free to post pics of our designs in situ! Cheers lovelies, C and J xx

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