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Before and after - look at the room now!

As a means by which to help address the current economic climate - here's a C&J project that re uses all the furniture from our before shot. Yup, sometimes you don't have to start form scratch and buy everything new. We made inexpensive slip covers for our client's old chairs, we sanded and repainted the existing dining table and we recoloured the large wall unit to match. Opening up the kitchen to the dining room was a big job, sure, but the rest of our spell was cast with wallpaper, flooring and time. To quote our time worn maxim; 'It's not how MUCH money you spend but HOW you spend it that makes all the difference." Think about UPCYCLING, wherever possible, to lighten the attack on your pocket. Plus it's good for the environment - re using (rather than simply dumping previous kit) makes serious sense. And there endeth today's designer epistle. Amen! Blessings and joyous goodwill from McAllister Ryan Towers xx


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