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For the utter chauvenist who commented that we have more female than male commentators on here... and who suggested that women have a less relevant voice than men; HOW DARE YOU! Statistically yes; we have loads of female friends but worth is not assigned, by us certainly, according to gender. For this reason we have deleted you. There are many things we can endure, and be under no illusion; with so many 'followers' we have the odd reason to feel awkward after 'certain' comments. But we will NOT under ANY circumstances allow our cybersphere to be undermined or tainted because of your sick and sad minded comments. End of. You are DELETED and we take pride in having done so. Please do not darken our virtual door EVER again. For you are not welcome. Only those who are fun or have clever, intelligent comments to make (99.99% of our folk) are invited in. The staggering 'socially ugly' minority can go elsewhere with immediate effect. We hope we have addressed this issue in a rather more elegant manner than the source of our indignace was able to... Colin and Justin xx


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