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Upcycling challenge...

One of our personal FAVOURITE 'upcycling' projects... Our client's kitchen, pre reno; more like a yard sale after a storm than somewhere to cook dinner. In its favour, however, were sound cabinets and great overall space. Yup, we had a plan. And a cunning, cash conscious one at that...

The after shot? Strike us down with a colour chart, look at the bitch now! TOTALLY reworked and dispaying more than a touch of French fancy, we paddled it back to life using reworked cupboards, carefully applied paint and a tin ceiling. Add to our recipe a sea of soft grey marble, Amtico flooring and inbuilt appliances (behind the new doors to the left of our after shot) and our grand masterplan came alive. Who says you have to start from scratch every time? Certainly not us; with al little auspicious planning you can have a new look for less. We're SO proud of this scheme, delivered to your from the drawing board at Ryan McAllister Towers. 

Enjoy! xx


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