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Richard Branson dinner in Grand Cayman

Gotta say we had a stonkingly fabulous night.  And today?  Well, today finds us relaxing after a wonderful private dinner with Richard Branson at the home of genial hosts and hard working charity campaigners Mr and Mrs Ugland. A walk on Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman will awaken us on this morning after the night before! Respect to Sir Richard for joining us at the intimate affair, arranged to help raise awareness of Unite, Sir Branson's hard working charity. 

We have to work for a couple of hours today on various press bits and pieces and then we're heading to the pool.  Thereafter, a hectic night beckons in the loving clutch of  Vicki Wheaten, a girl who knows PRECISELY how to party!  We'll post pics...

Trust this finds you all hale and hearty,

Hugs, Colin and Justin xx


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