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Tina Homes house party...

OMG - Tina Homes knows how to throw a party. Beautiful condo 'showing' after its complete redec'... in the company of SUCH a great batch of people. Any plans we had of being tee total this month have now gone COMPLETELY out of the window. And btw - how many TV hosts, designers, produucers, bloggers and pr people can one woman squeeze into one condo!? What a brill' mix of fun people! Gonna spend this morning in a darkened room before running our little asses off along the lake to try and blow away some of the cobwebs. And Tina - if you're reading this - you had SIXTEEN people in your MASSIVE shower stall. And, just for the record for anyone who thinks that sounds like a 1980's suspicious Abigail's Party type scene, we were all fully clothed and simply demonstrating the jumbo scope of the gorgeous new marble clad wet room. WHAT a great evening!
Colin and Justin xx


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