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Catching our breath after a busy few days...

Just back from a cracking Kawarthas mini break! Cheers to Gale and Helen for their fabulous hospitality during our lake side trip. Blimey - we experienced a gorgeous sunset (feet dangling, from the jetty, into the lake) a spellbinding sunrise and some wonderful barbequed ribs. It should be reported that the weather there - and in Toronto - has been stunning; we travellled in both directions with...
the roof down. Hell mend us, it stayed around 30 degrees for the entirety of our trip. We really loved staying in the all wood cabin/cottage. Uncomplicated glamour at its very best. SOOOO lovely. Looking forward to a busy weekend - out for dinner with Cheryl and Michael tonight, a soiree at Tina's tomorrow evening and dinner at Cherri and David's on Saturday. For now we're heading downstairs for a swim. Gotta work of some of the excesses from our Kawarthan indulgence...
Trust this missive finds you all well, hale and hearty. Love from McAllister Ryan Towers xx


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