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Guys - your responses (literally hundreds across both our facebook accounts) re my ongoing health kick have been astounding. As much as I'd like to answer each one individually, to do so would take until Christmas. SO - please accept my group response and some 'collective' answers. I used nicotine patches to stop smoking but I chose a low dose and weaned my self off them far more quickly than the box recom...
mended. But that route may not work for everyone. As my friends will tell you, I am VERY stubborn. In more ways than one...
Yes; Colin has been a tower of support through my efforts and at the same time as I embarked upon my health kick, so too did he. He has achieved the lowest recommended body fat for a man of his height - 6 feet two inches. He has been SO determined! Re eating; I'm no angel but to lose weight I excercised more... and put less food in my mouth. It really was as simple as that. To the person who asked if I used a GASTRIC BAND - what time was this for music???? Of COURSE I didn't! I dropped 28 pounds by dieting and then excercised and put 18 pounds back on - of the 'good' weight'.
Yes - the booze still figures; but in moderation. If I have a drink one night... I dodge the next two.
That should about cover it.
Signed, Justin Ryan. Non smoker. Since February 19th, 2012.


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