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Blimey - cheers for all the lovely comments re the pic of me on Kings Road! You are too kind. I've been quietly back at the gym since I stopped smoking and the results have been, well, staggering. Yup, I'm still enjoying a little wine now and then... but everything in moderation. Gone from a 36" trouser to a 32" and from a chest 39" to a chest 44". To anyone else who is even contemplating the...
arrestment of the devil weed I would say - DO IT NOW!!!! Becoming a non smoker has changed my life. My stamina has gone from sluggish to acute and my lung capacity has increased so dramatically that I can hardly believe how much energy I have. Cigarettes were a costly and health damaging addiction and if my results can tempt anyone else to stop, then I shall happily stand on the rooftops and scream it loud - "SMOKING IS SOOOOOOOO LAST YEAR. IT WAS (PROBABLY) SLOWLY KILLING ME. MY GREEDY AND SELFISH INDULGENCE TAINTED THE AIR AROUND ME. BUT I FOUND STRENGTH AND TOOK CONTROL. I STUBBED OUT MY GROSS HABIT. AND MY LIFE HAS CHANGED. ONE AGAIN I AM IN CONTROL." For the record, this is simply how I feel about being a reformed smoker and not an observation of how any other smokers should feel. That said, if I can offer any guidance to help anyone else, drop me a line on here and I wil try and answer in an encouraging manner. Cheers,
Justin x


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