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Good morning from up in London!

Lazy, woozy morning in London on our wee fire escape (just us, piping hot fresh coffee and several luscious chocolate croissants) but sent scurrying indoors by the loudest and wettest thunder storm we've ever seen. London, innit? Hope the somewhat inclement weather doesn't disturb the Olympics...

Went to a traditional London pub (the Sydney Arms in Chelsea) to watch last night's games and got T...
OTALLY caught up in the joyous frenzy. This is proving to be a VERY exciting time to be up in The Capital.

Planning a wee mooch along Kings Road later today and maybe a languid lunch at The Markham after that. Last time we popped our snouts in the trough at that particular venue, David Beckam was there with the Prince.... We always love a spot of Royal watching!

Trust all's well with you chaps and chapesses,

Cheers, C and J xx


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