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Hells bells it is not yet even 5.30am...

Blimey, it's the crack of dawn - in fact it's not even that late - and we're WIDE awake.  Not that we're complaining; there's something really wonderful about sipping on a piping hot coffee and looking out, from our terrace, over Lake Ontario.  The sky is inky black and dotted with pin stars and the water is twinkling under the moonlight.  It really is a gorgeous vista and a view of which we never tire; even after the best part of six years in and out of Toronto. 

Yup, the early morning sky line is staggeringly beautiful.  The C N Tower is illuminated bright orange and the sky scrapers that surround it are twinkling like great towers of life. We LOVE that we can enjoy this dreamy outlook from our home from home and to see it at this time in the morning is a joy.  One we must remind ourselves to see more often. Oh, wait a minute; that means getting up earlier than normal.... We'll have to think about that.  Once, sure, but regularly?  We'll have to see about that...

Had a great wee day yesterday. Worked on our newspaper columns for Canada and Scotland for the first part of the day and then headed off itnto the city in search of lighting for a private client.  Oh yes, and wallpaper to detail a magazine before and after project on which we're currently working.  We love getting out on the road and, as much as we have people to help us track down some of what we need, we are VERY hands on in the field.  So all good...

When we were done for the day we both dashed to June Lindenfield, a stylist we visit when we're not in Scotland and therefore not near our beloved Taylor Ferguson.  June is the ONLY person we tust with our barnets apart from Taylor.  Anyway, to cut a long story short - and our hair even shorter - June masterfully created the blond and bruunette look we hold so dear.  It's a real bummer that June's salon on Adelaide is being bulldozed to make way for ANOTHER condo block.  She's moving back to St Catherine's so we'll soon have a very long treck every time we need attention.  But hey; have hair will travel...

After we'd been suitably coiffed we did a strange thing; we had dinner BY OURSELVES! Normally we hook up with folk - either socially of for work purposes - but last night we flew our dinner craft with no other passengers.  And we had a ball.  It was SO nice to cut back and enjoy the buzz of King West.  We chose Kit Kat and found a great wee table on the front patio and felt like we were on a date!  Lol!  At our great age and weight!  Great food, plenty of wine and perfect company.  What's not to like?!

Back at our condo we watched the tail end of The Argonauts game from our rooftop perch (we have a direct view into the Sky Dome from our condo) as we mixed Apple Martini's and took in the night time air. 

Game over we headed back indoors and watched True Blood, the most recent episode, which brings us bang uip to date with the vamp drama series.  Super lovin' the fact that the story lines are getting even more insane.  Yet still strangely believable!  LOVE this show!

It's hard to believe that we'll be back in Britain in less than a week. Our dual existence is always fabulous but we're really missing Glasgow and our families at the moment.  Aye, it'll be nice to get home to Scotland for a wee while.  But in the meantime there is MUCH to be done in Toronto.  Aye, busy boys...

Trust this finds you well, hale and hearty.  More from us soon,

C et J  xx




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