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International laddies

Toronto calling! Up at the crack of dawn today to head to the rather fabulous Glasgow airport for a 10.30am departure. And blimey; the team know how to run an international airport. SUPER SLICK!

 Anyway - we landed in Canada at 12.30pm after a fantastic Air Transat flight and went straight into a meeting, then we had a wee swim and an hour in the sun. It's SO SO hot and humid - about 32 degrees.... 
Tonight we're going to watch TWO episodes of True Blood (HWP!! HWP!!) as we make a HUGE batch of tablet. We're looking for recipes for the ULTIMATE Scottish confection for a project we're working on, so if any of you have those special 'receipts' (that is probably what your Granny called a recipe) PLEASE send them to us so we can trial run them. We'd be SO grateful... 
 Cheers, and we hope this international missive finds all in our cybersphere hale and utterly hearty. Colin and Justin xx


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