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Good morning from Glasgow!

Howdie. Trust all’s well in the world with you chaps. We’ve had a fun few days in Glasgow. We’ve really enjoyed being home in Scotland for a while. It’s been awesome catching up with friends and family. Trying to cram in as much as possible before we head back to Canada and, if we’re honest, we’ve been run a little ragged. But in a good way…

PLUS it’s been time to work that skirt. Left leg and LUNGE! Aye, we’ve been flat out at the gym making the biggest effort ever to get fit and, thankfully, we’ve been seeing a great return on our investment. At last we feel that we’re in ‘the zone’, a hallowed place that, for the most part, has evaded us on previous fitness jags. But not this time! Oh no! Blimey we’re getting muscles on muscles! Still got a way to go before we can do the centre spread in a muscle mag’… but hell mend us we’re getting there! Lol!

Yesterday, we enjoying our first proper day off in ages. We took a drive into The Merchant City and had lunch in Piazza Italia, a cute wee Italian resto’ just off Ingram Street. It’s owned by Federico, a lovely guy who you’ll remember from Big Brother. He’s the perfect host and the food was really good; we had foccacia, lasagne and all manner of nice wee Italian snacks… If you’re in Glasgow you should check the place out.

Last night we went to The Rogano in Glasgow, a long standing restaurant that used to be a favourite C&J hang out. Ahem, we say ‘used to be…’ We were there with our pal Jill to help celebrate her birthday and hooked up also with Peter, Patricia and Sandy. After a few glasses of fizz we went upstairs to ‘29’ for dinner and had a great wee time….although we may have had one or two glasses too many as we felt a wee bit blurry as we stepped back into the world today..

As we type, we’re having a lazy morning with the newspapers and pot after pot of fresh coffee. Later on we’re heading down to Princes Square to meet up with our cousin Anne who’s over in Scotland for a holiday from her home in Italy. It’ll be nice to catch up…

And, hold our heels, we’re off to The Tramway this evening to see Macbeth with Alan Cummings. It should be a pretty special production, all things considered. Last time we ran into Alan we shared a stage as ‘models’ during Dressed To Kilt in New York; a celebration of alll things Scottish which is organised by Sean Connery. Alan’s a sweetie and we remember him from long ago; after Uni in Glasgow we both worked in The Tron Theatre (a million years ago) and he often came in with his pal Forbes Mason; they had a double act known as Victor and Barrie and were actually a really funny pair. Forbes has continued in theatre (and done very well too) but of course Alan has gone on to conquer the world…

Trust today’s missive finds you well, hale and hearty. We’ll report more soon before we head back over to Canada on Tuesday.


C and J x


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