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We are aff oot and leaving our legwarmers behind...

Up since the crack of dawn writing our newspaper columns though we did, it should be reported, balance work with a little R&R; yup, we rested our virtual quills for a couple of hours, during which time we headed to the gym. LEFT LEG AND LUNGE! Still REALLY happy to have found a health club we enjoy MUCH more than Greens. Blimey - we're a MILLION times happier at the Virgin gym than we were befor...e. And hey; we pulled some serious muscle today. Muscles we didn't think we even had. Lol! Damn it - did we really just say 'lol'? At our great age and weight? Anyway, street speak aside, and as just reward for our recently attained gymnastic elasticity (and to immediately cancel all physical betterment achieved therein) we're aff oot oan the lash wi' Fhiona and Gordon. Dinner, vino and some SERIOUS gossip await...


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