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American Idol RANT!!!

Rant coming. Just sayin'.... American Idol; which - incidently - we adore. But Phillip Phillips as the winner? Is it just us or is he the lesser talent to the astoundingly cute and blindingly talented Jessica? Okay, so he's an GREAT singer but she's an EXCELLENT vocalist. Her range, her poise, her pitch. WOW!!! We have a theory. We think that the American Idol stylists over dressed Jessica... when in actual fact she's still a cute kid who's just turned 16. As far as we're concerned, the gowns and lipgloss may well have been her down fall. While we appreciate that, at 16, she is a young woman and should be entitled to do precisely that which she wishes... we can't help thinking that she might have been better served by her stylists had they assembled a somewhat more reserved wardrobe. NB - this is not a slight against Jessica; she was - and remains - our favourite. But had the enormity of her heels been a little more modest, and had the stylists allowed her to be the lovely young girl she is... we might just have had a different winner. Good luck to Phillip Phillips though - no hard feelings from our corner. We wish both these talented singers a bright future. Colin and Justin xx


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