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Today... and the sad demise of Survivors.

Headed up to Summerhill today to browse in a host of cute design stores.  This done, we dashed over to Terroni's for lunch with our good pal Cherri.  Really lovely afternoon. 

Social stuff over, we came back to our condo for an afternoon of newspaper column writing.  All things conidered, we got quite a lot covered but we still have much to do early week between The Toronto Star, The Sunday <ail and various magazines such as Rona and Flavours.  But it's all good stuff; work we REALLY enjoy.   

At the moment we're feeling a wee bit gutted, having just watched the LAST episode of Survivors. Two series and, sadly, that was that. Note to whomever swung the axe; you didn't expect Season 2 to be that strong, did you? But of course by that point - when you realised it was actually a very good show - it was too late. Sad faces here, all round... But hey ho; RIP Survivors. If that's not a contradiction in terms.

Anyway - gotta head off to the land of nod.  Doing Kiss Radio tomorrow morning at 8am and we need to be of clear head and sound mind for that. 

Trust all is well in the land of cyber socials,

Cheers for now,

C and J xx


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