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Cadillac SRX

In our time, we’ve test driven more cars than we care to remember - for newspaper stories both sides of the pond - but the 2012 Cadillac SRX is amongst the best we’ve ever had the good fortune to handle. Since coming back from Britain, we’ve been tucked behind the wheel of a gorgeous press loan SRX to get the feel of the slick vehicle and, as cars go, this baby is a sublime drive. Ours is finished in deep metallic blue and would comfortably sit five adults. We’ve used it around town, across country roads and long distance and, it has to be reported, it appears to excel in all contexts.

Looking at the vehicle, the profile is contemporary and all lines and interesections are crisp and beautifuly engineered. Large diameter alloy wheels give it a confident stance, suggesting it‘s beset with superior road handling which, from our experience, it certainly is. Internally, the finish is wonderful and there’s enough storage and luggage space to keep everyone happy - 1733 litres to be precise. Leather seats are large and comfy and the dashboard is truly elegant; perfectly contemporary, but without some of the overbearing ’design’ statements made by inferior vehicles that try too hard.

Handily, Bluetooth is standard, as in an excellent 8 speaker Bose sound system and a USB port for your iPod. As Brit’s often lost in Canada (due to the enormity of the country!) we find the OnStar navigation system to be wonderfully helpful. Simply press a button and a REAL assistant asks for your proposed location. Then it’s sent to the on dash screen for easy navigation. Simple! They’re SUCH a helpful mob at OnStar and their assistance, we find, makes any journey a breeze.

The SRX driving experience, it should be reported, is wonderful. Thanks to a new 3.6 litre V^ engine that generates a spell binding 308 horsepower it’s fast - but controlled - on the road. Efficiency is another of SRX’s many strengths, with a highway fuel consumption rating of 8.3 L/100km under tests. And, with gas prices the way they are, every little helps, right?

Guess, in summation, we should say we love the comfy ride, the drop dead gorgeous looks and the speed with which the SRX propels us from A to B. Put plainly there’s not a lot not to like. But, on the other side of the coin, there’s a huge amount to love. So go on; get behind the wheel and give an SRX a spin. Enjoy!

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