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Nursing a wee headache...

Hell mend us - we'll be chained to our desks today, catching up on work.  When we're finally up to date we're planning a one mile swim downstairs to work off the excesses of the weekend. Aye, we have been SOOOOOO naughty and feel like a fast might well be in order.  God damn it, we will never drink again and shall, from this point forward, eat only pulses and grains.

Yup - we had SUCH a fun weekend.  On Saturday our good pals Normie and Michaela hosted a lovely dinner at their home and we stayed till the bitter end!  A fab and very relaxing evening with around forty of their nearest and dearest.  It's always great fun to meet new people and we have great memories of a wonderful night...

Dinner last night, with Tina, was cooked by our pal Gale and yes, there was a little vin rouge involved somewhere along the way.  A BRILLIANT evening of gastronomic indulgence including pork tenderloin; one of our favourite meats.  And the aforementioned wine.  Hence the headaches this morning...

Trust this missive finds you well, hale and hearty,

Hooves and looges, Colin and Justin  xx


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