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Maybe strep throat, maybe the flu...

That said, we're feeling a bit better having taken a day indoors laying low.  It's rarely we get ill but Colin had a bug which fortunately hasn't become any worse. And come to think of it I didn't feel so good either... Hopefully tomorrow will bring a fully renewed spirit.

We were due to go out with friends for dinner - and then on to a karaoke -  but we had to pull a rain check as we just didn't feel up to it.  So we slipped into our jammies and avoided food, for the most part, while ensuring that our fluid levels remained topped up.

Being that we didn't go out we caught up on the last couple of episodes of Walking Dead starring Andrew what's his chops that used to be in British show This Life.  Walking Dead is proving to be our fave new show now that we've watched ALL of Dexter, all of True Blood and also The Firm.  If we can find season two on Rogers we'll get stuck into that over the next wee while.

Gonna have an early night now as we're still feeling pretty wiped.  Got a weekend of newspaper columns to write and the start of a wee client project in Scotland, being that we're going home to Britain for a couple of weeks from next Wednesday.  It'll be good to be back in Blighty for a wee while.  Blimey; it seems ages!

Trust this finds you all well, hale and hearty,

Looves and hooges,

C et J xx


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