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Kenwood event, Toronto, Canada.

WOW!!  We had a proper blast at the Kenwood promotional evening at The Brickworks in Toronto.  We've been to several gatherings at The Brickworks over the years (slow Food etc) but the Kenwood evening was epic. Themed British for the night the place was dressed with red British phone boxes and the evening's stylists had booked a team of male models and attired them as Queens Guard bear skin wearing soldiers. We loved the attention to detail and joked amongst ourselves that the high hatted lads looked like a cross between Marge Simson and Amy Winehouse. In actual fact they all looked fab' and managed to remain absolutely mute (even when we all tried to crack their imposed vow of silence by tickling them!) just like the guards at Buck House!

A spectatcular dinner was cooked for us by various chefs such as Jamie Kennedy, as well as the team from Tosca at The Four Seasons and we were treated to a fascinating insight into how Kenwood has grown over the last few decades.  Their current strategy is to position their brand within North America and we felt really proud that Toronto was chosen (rather than LA or New York) to launch in such a glossy manner! 

The company's range of food prep' machinery is just staggering, and, although you guys might be less familiar with the brand in Canada than we are in Britain... just give it time. They launch in store this Autumn so you'll be seeing a LOAD more of them soon.  Take it from us; Kenwood are an INSTITUTION in Britain.  Everybody has a Kenwood Chef and they seem to last for ever!

On display were loads of Kenwood machines but star of the show was The Cooking Chef, a wonderfully functional piece of kit that actually cooks as it blends and mixes food.  We reckon this appliance is going to storm North America!

Anyway; we had a great wee night.  Check out our link for more info on the brand,


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