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My name is Justin Ryan and I am a NON smoker.

After much soul searching I have finally - finally - plucked up the courage to ditch my only bad habit!  Yup, all of a sudden, yesterday, I stopped my twenty a day habit. Colin has always been an angel about my being a smoker and has supported me as I hummed and hawed about stopping. But it's finally real. I went on a late afternoon raid around cupboards, closests and jackets and pulled out every half empty packet I could find. And then I threw them all down the loo!  This done I chucked all our ashtrays away and posted on twitter and facebook about my personal triumph. I know I can do this. I am a stubborn guy and I just had to find the right time and yesterday was, well, that time.

I've been using nicotine patches and they seem to be working although I had some of the most vivid dreams last night that I have ever had.  To be fair the patch instructions warned that this is a side effect.  So I guess I knew what was coming...

Anyway it's done.  I've quit.  End of.  I promise to be completely honest and tell you how I get on.  I will NOT fail.  This is my decision and I am so relieved I have made it.  And I feel SOOOOOOO good.

Just thought I'd tell you.  If any of our friends and fans would like my support in ditching their ciggy habit they only need to ask.  I'll offer whatever advice I can!

Thanks for listening,

Justin.  NON smoker.  25 hours and counting! xxx



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