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Great wee night in Chelsea

Oh actually... hold that thought.  Aye, it can be pretty good fun round here.  Correction - it's always good fun round here.  There's a buzz to this enclave that we didn't experience to the same extent when we lived in South Kensington.  Yup, we're glad we bought where we did. 

Kings Road was buzzing yesterday and we wandered up to Sloan Square to try and get ourselves back into at least some semblance of British time zone.  Did our usual dash to Waitrose to stock up our fridge (okay, for booze) and then headed out to BBC Television Centre to film hit TV  show 'Pointless'.  Not sure when the show will air but we'll let you know.  And you'll have to wait to see how we did!  No clues!

Also on the show were a few familiar faces with whom we've worked many times.  It was fun seeing Lionel Blair again and great to catch up with Angela Rippon, the UK's most famous - and certainly most loved - news reader.  We share an agent, Sue, with Angela, so we've had the pleasure to meet her on numerous occasions and she's always an utter joy. 

When we got back to Chelsea we freshened up and worked through emails to clear our desk.  Then, through the chillingly cold air, we battled a path for dinner to a new resto' where we saw David Beckam and Prince Harry.  It was actually quite surreal to see the future king's brother and Mr B having a boys night out!  Good on 'em!

Jet lag still managed to grab us from our slumbers early this morning, even two days after arriving home in the UK.  We always seem to get hit by sleep's messy pattern when coming to the UK, much more than we do when landing in Canada.  So we're up... way too early.  Mind you the coffee machine is on so we're not grumbling. 

Just scanned the web for the news and happened upon the new Superbowl Pepsi ad' featuring Elton John and Mel from American Idol.  Tickled to see US music icon Flava Flave, who, perhaps rather bizarelly, we taught to milk a cow on The Farm!  Hells bells he was a handfull! Lol!  Yup, when we hosted Ch 5's reality show a few years back he was a great - if noisy!!!! - addition to our cast.  Blimey - we also had Cicciolina on the show with us; she's the Italian porn star and, ahem, politician, who famously offered her body to Saddam Hussiein in return for world peace.  Least said about that the better...

Anyway, back to today.  We're having a lazy, coffee fuelled morning before heading into central London on a shopping trip.  Rise and shine, babies; the day starts here!!

More later,

C and J xx


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