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A little more LA...

There's something quite intoxicating about the air, here in LA. For a sprawling city that's famed for its smog, it remains remarkably clear and pure, way up in the hills. Perhaps it's the lush greenery that purifies the enclave? Looking down across the architectural landscape, a landscape that is disparate and with no pronounced or distinct domestic 'language', it's easy to see why LA is centre... of operations for so many. This is our second trip to LA in two months and it's already shaping up to be a lovely experience.
Heading off, shortly, to The Gladstone in Malibu, to meet an old pal, Roderick, from Glasgow.... but first there are laps to be done in the warm, twinkling swimming pool. With factor 20 sunscreen - and freshly brewed coffee - we can think of no better way to pass an hour or two. We're pinching ourselves... x


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