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Mr and Mr Jetlag are awakening!

Los Angeles calling! Arrived last night after a safe - but delayed - flight from Pearson. The plane in which we were travelling had to have its wings de iced as the snow was proving to be an issue. But big resepect to the ground staff for such care and attention.

We're fortunate enough to be staying in a beautiful and elevated part of LA in a lateral villa that enjoys panoramic views of the ocea...n. Glancing down, from our poolside perch, the vista fuses stunning arbery with a mix of Spanish, modern and mid century architecture. Dotted everywhere are the homes, we imagine, of Hollywood's A listers. The atmosphere is alive with dreams of smoky, hazy Hollywood ambition; past, present and future. It's almost tangible. Echoes of parties that have been - and those that have still to come - hang in the air

The morning is clear and, as we write, we're scanning the tree under which we've sought shade to determine which might be the juciest, plumpest oranges to harvest for breakfast. In the distace the humming metropolis is slowly coming to life. Far away, beyond the urban sprawl, the ocean is calling; we're certain we can hear it purring our names. After a while, to shake of the jet lag, we shall make our way to the sandy coastline and be at one... xx


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