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Heck it is SO chilly in Toronto

Thankfully we have no jet lag to contend with as Grand Cayman enjoys the same time zone as Torontto.  Yay!  We're awake and suitably rested even after such an active and busy holiday.
So where shall we start?  Oh yes; C&J out and about.  Walking through the - pre - icy blast that is downtown Toronto. Crisp air crackling against warm skin, frosty breath sending skyward shivers of breathy steam. Never ones to complain, we're savouring every moment. For we are alive and well and making it though an early winter's day. And for that we give thanks.
Spent the morning tidying our condo and then set sail into The Eton Centre; we SO couldn't have done any outdoor retail today! In a whirlwind three hours we managed to tick off the majority of our Christmas buying.   So we're happy - if chilly - boys.
The calming, balmy warmth of the last two weeks in Cayman seems so long ago... eve...n though we've only been home from home in Toronto for a matter of hours. Shall there be descended mercury in Glasgow when we arrive next week? Will there be snow? Bring it on, say we, and display for us the best that Mother Nature can do. All we ask is that everyone stays safe and warm. And around those they love. A Happy (if somewhat early) Christmas,
Colin and Justin xx


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