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Grand Cayman!

OMG.  Grand Cayman.  Is this perhaps one of the world's loveliest travel destinations? We've been lucky enough to travel far and wide during our cray lives but seldom has somewhere come so close to heaven as this intoxicating island.  There's a remarkable peace here; for starters the people are wonderfully calm and collected and the landscape is stunning. It's spottlessly clean and the water is the most beautiful shade of turquoise blue. 

We arrrived on Sunday and, as real foodies, have taken advantage of some of the best dining we can remember.  Obviously food is the main stay of any good restaurant but, as designers, we've aslo been blown away by the aesthetics of each of the places we've enjoyed.  Our first dinner was at Luca on Seven Mile Beach and it was a lovely way to kick off our trip.  Hey; we'd heard Cayman is special but this is something else...

After a good night's sleep we woke early, and, after breakfast, headed to the Cayman Motor Musuem to witness, first hand, a stellar collection of vehicular history.  Our favourite cars were the Batmobile (the original one, no less, right here in Cayman) and a Mercedes 280SL, rather like our own but a couple of years more recent.  Ours is a '68 in white and the Cayman one is a 1970 in silver.

Checked out 'Caymana Bay' last night; it's a 'new town' (built by the family who invented styrofoam cups) that is still expanding and a place that's FULL of exciting retail and leisure outlets.  The architecture is inspiring and a real strong point is the wonderful way in which its designers have used light and water in the architecture.  Yup, it's a great community and a fabulous tourist resource.  Our resto' of choice was Abacus where we enjoyed dinner with our pals Laura and Mark as the warm air circulated and the spirited chatter crescendo point.  By now we were really getting into the holiday vibe...

Aside from good eating, one of the funnest aspects to Grand Cayman is Sting Ray City.  Yesterday we chartered a yacht and sailed for 30 minutes to a sandbank where you can actually jump in the water and meet these fabulous denizens of the deep.  They're really tame and come right up to visitors to be tickled on their wee tummies!  Okay, so that may sound rather daunting but this is a safe and monitired tourist attraction and the massive flat fish are SO friendly!  To see these majestic beasts at one with man is quite wonderful.  If you're heading over here at any time make sure you plug this into your itinerary.  You WON'T be dissapointed.

Today we both enjoyed a caviar massage in The Silver Rain Spa at The Ritz Carlton.  Lavished with La Prairie products it felt great, and, as our attendants did their deepest tissue pummel we felt the cares of the world slowly ebbing away. 

After this we took a drive to Rum Point, an area on the island that, while a little less glossy and polished than The Ritz Carlton where we are staying, is nonetheless peaceful and lovely.  Guess that's its charm - we had a brilliant hamburger lunch on the sand and watched as snorkellers dipped and plunged into the warm waters.

Now we're back at our hotel and heading off shortly to Prime Cuts, the restaurant downstairs from our beautiful suite.  Apparently they do the best Filet Mignon on the island.  That said, we've already enjoyed some great filet in some of the other restauranat's that we've enjoyed these last few tranquil days.  Aye, Grand Cayman is a food lover's paradise!

Gotta dash for now.  Quick showers and then off in search of that famous Prime Cuts filet...

Trust this finds you all well, hale and hearty. We'll blog more later,

Cheers and sunny warm wishes,

Colin and Justin xx


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