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Just one more sleep till Grand Cayman!

Blimey - we started trying to arrange this trip a whole year past but it had to be postponed on several occasions due to our schedules.  Jumping backwards and forwards across the Atlantic can be very time consuming! Now, however, it's finally happening.  Our pale wee Scottish bod's are preparing for some sunshine after weeks of cold in Glasgow and Toronto.  Yay!

Today, with most of our packing done ahead of tomorrow's early flight, we headed off to Ikea to suss out a kitchen project we're working on for a private client. The range in Ikea never ceases to amaze us; great value and affordable collections make this a one stop shop for kitchen style. We're doing mid toned wooden cabinetry, black granite counters and subway tiles. Very sleek and cool!

Now we're back at our condo we're tidying up before heading off tomorrow to the sun. Dinner has come from Sobeys and there's a bottle of wine already uncorked. X Factor UK is on, and, although we didn't enjoy the first part of the series, we're much more into the final few rounds. It's actually shaping up to be quite an exciting show and Dermot makes it SO watchable.  Having done loads of live TV ourselves (we presented The Farm on Ch 5) we observe just how hard he works but just how easy he makes it all look.  Thats's a skill!  Respect to Mr O!!!

In other news, our candle business ( is going really well.  Thank you to the legions of you guys who have indulged with our collection!  Soy wax!  Essential oils!!  Bloody gorgeous if you ask us!

For every limited edition Festive Spice candle we ship, we'll be donating £1 to British homeless charities to help provide shelter for those who need it most at this time of year.  It's just a way in which we can 'give a little back'.  We hope that, whatever you do - and wherever you are - you can also do as much as you can to help your own preferred charities this year.  Thank you.

Trust this finds you all well, hale and hearty,

Hugs and good vibes,

Colin and Justin xx


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