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Good afternoon Versace!

Our alarm went off, this morning, at 5.00am as we were appearing on Daybreak to talk about the ITV Celebrity Jungle.  It seems like only yesterday that we starred on that show ourselves!  The energy in the ITV studio is electric and it's great to see the show doing so well.  Everyone on the team is working really hard to turn it into the success it has now become.  We were on with Harry from The Only Way Is Essex and he and his Mum are just such a lovely pair.  Someone texted to say that when we were standing with him he was like a mix of us both and that we could have been his parents!  Not sure if that's a compliment to us or not as far as our ages are concerned! 

Adrian and Christine on Daybreak are the consumate hosts and, together with Kate, they make a brilliant team.  We had a super time on the show and they've asked us back on tomorrow to chat more about the jungle and also to do the newspaper review. Really looking forward to round two!

After the show was finished our driver took us to H&M to see the new Versace collection that is kicking up a storm in London and we're sure everywhere else for that matter.  We're loving the Donatella TV ad - "My house. My rules. My Pleasure."  Makes us smile every time with all the clockwork people and Donatella's 'unusual' face.  SO clever!

After we'd browsed the glitzy collection we headed up to Selfridges to look at the new Jo Malone brand 'Jo Loves'.  My brother Damian and his company' Paintworks' spray finished the shop fit out for them and he's made an amazing job of the project.  We're both really proud that he's associated with the dramatic red and black scheme.

We're back home now in our wee Chelsea pad for a spot of RnR.  Planning a couple of hours sleep as we really need the rest!  Off out to The Wolseley tonight for dinner with our pals Mark and Mark although we can't have too late a night as we're up again for another spell on Daybreak tomorrow.  We'll be talking more about the jungle and we're also taking part in the newspaper review panel.  Should be really good fun!

Hope thsi finds you guys chipper annd dapper,

Loads of love, and thanks for all the awesome messages here, on facebook and on twitter!  We really appreciate your feedback...

C and J xx


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