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Sad face - left LA this afternoon...

OMG - we had A BALL in LA.  It's SO energetic and buzzy that we felt like two wee boys in a sweet shop.  Or a candy store as our Statseside pals would say... Anyway - wicked shopping, our SLS hotel was fabulous and the restaurant scene is so vibrant.  And of course the weather was totally gorgeous.  Palm trees swaying, etc...

When we were over there we hooked up with a lovely realtor called Denise and she's currently looking at finding us a 'flipper' property as we're interested in expanding our own property portfolio with a house we can renovate and use as an American base.  We'll never leave Toronto (as our primary North American home) but it would be interesting to have somewhere in LA to call home.  We've always been 'knee jerk' reaction type of guys and this seems like a cool project even if it seems we're making fast decisions.  We'll keep you up to date in so far as what we plan doing.

Anyway - we just arrived home in Toronto after a great last afternoon in LA.  We went to The Village Idiot on Melrose for lunch with our gorgeous pals Kaila and Bonnie and then, reluctantly, had to bid a fond farewell to the city and head out to LAX for our flight back, home from home, to Toronto. 

As much as we're glad to be back in Canada we have to report that it's really REALLY cold.  Colder, apparently, than it will be when we get back to Glasgow at the weekend!

When we're in the UK we have some filming that we have to get done, and we have a corporate tie up with one of the power providors so we'll be doing a bit of promotional work with them.  Our candle business - - is doing roaring business so we have quite a lot to do with that too.  We've only been launched for a week but the UK, it seems, is on our side, and sales have been wonderful.  We always hoped that the business would be well received but we're double thrilled by how well it's going!

Hmm.  Time to wrap up against the chills....

We're off to bed.  Jet lag setting in.  More from us soon, lovelies.

C et J xx


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