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Last time we visited beautiful Australia was for I'm A Celenrity Get Me Out Of Here, the ITV reality show that saw us abandoned in the outback for a month and fending for ourselves.  Gosh, that was a tough project!  After the show was complete we stayed at the stunning Versace Hotel and our memories are totally golden!

In 2012 we'll be heading back to Australia to look at various TV and media opportunities.  And we're looking to find a home for an Australian newspaper column too - so watch this space!

Today, we're devoting the majority of movement on our website to all things Australian.  Feel free to comment via our forums and pass on any thoughts and tips to other users!

Hope this finds you all in great form and getting a little more sunshine than we're currently experiencing in Canada!

Yours, in Kylie Minoge and Neighbours spirit,

Colin and Justin xx


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