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We\'ve been enjoying a relaxed few days!

Since completing our Intanza flu jab ambassadorial project we've been able to enjoy a relaxed few days before next weeks busy schedule kicks off.  We're off to Vancouver for The West Coast Women's Show which we're headlining and then we're spending a few days in LA.  Eventually we'll get back to Glasgow on November 1st after a whole two and a half months out of the city.  We can't wait to get back and will have three whole weeks at home before heading back to Toronto again!

Last night we had dinner in Etobicoke with Gale and Glen and Sheldon in the lovely home of our pal Tina.  She's thinking of moving to a new condo so it looks like it will have been a 'last supper' for us in her current place!  It was great evening and one of our favourite ways to spend time; just chilling and enjoying great food with good friends.

Today we made the mad decision to try and drive to Yorkdale Mall to browse in Crate and Barrel.  BAD decision!  The drive took an hour and a half in CRAZY traffic and then, when we finally arrived, it took another half hour to find a parking spot.  Thank God the shopping was worthwhile or it would have been a complete washout.  The collections in C&B are really cool at the mo.  Brilliant bedding, sleek crockery and wonderful ranges of case goods and upholstery.

Heading back into the city we stopped off at friends for coffee and chatted and laughed for a lovely couple of hours eating the most DEELISH Portugese pastries!

Now we're back home and chilling out for a couple of hours before heading to Il Fornello for dinner with our pals Cherri and David.  We were there the other evening too; it's always good when you stumble across a handy place that's not far from home; we can walk there in ten minutes!  Great Italian food and a lovely environment so we're looking forward to more of the same tonight!

Trust this finds all our pals hale and hearty.  We'll blog more later,

Cheers dears,

C et J xx


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